Website Traffic is going to be your number one weapon, which is why you should find the best possible keywords to exploit. Scan the top search results for one or two of the most popular keywords related to your niche topic, and take note at keywords mentioned in the top entries. Scan your competitor’s keywords, and check out what tools like SEMRush can do for you.

There are many different steps to go through in order to get leads and sells. First it is important to be visible, make sure your business is seen on social media such as Instagram and Twitter. It is also important to make sure your business information is on business directories such as Yelp and Google Maps.

You need to log into the networks/online blog sites that your customers are already on. Show them your message 3 different times, once each weekday. Show them that you are there to give them the product they are looking for. Show them that they are not just being put on an email list, but are gaining services.

It’s been said that ‘those who don’t affiliate market don’t make a profit!
Here are a couple of cool resources if you want to branch out with affiliate marketing:
*The Wealthy Affiliate Review

• Get high quality marketers to help grow your online business
• Spend less when making the right investments in marketing
• Professional marketers help you spend less in the long run
• Know when your ads are running thanks to our analytics
Invest in ADA Bundle

• Get the power of a marketing department, without the price
• Expand your marketing reach with unlimited locations per campaign
• Go from raw prospect to new customer, with a few clicks
• Leverage a team of marketers who know how to maximize your conversions

• Grow your sales by tailoring your ad campaigns for maximum results
• Get qualified leads with Marketing Blocks

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